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Vote for … Privacy

You may have received a letter which looks something like this in the post recently:









Making sure you are registered to vote is a crucial part of your democratic rights (and some might say duty) but there’s another aspect to electoral registration which we must keep an eye on. This part:






The question: are you included on the open register? If the answer is “yes” then it’s likely that a quick search for your name on a commercial database will allow any member of the public to find this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 16.52.47





Try typing your name into Google followed by “” and see what comes up.

There are three simple steps that privacy-conscious individuals should take:

1. Review: check whether your home address is publicly available on public databases.

2. Tidy: contact your local Electoral Registration office in your home district and ask to be removed from the Open (or Edited) Register (or tick the “No” box next time your receive electoral registration forms in the post).

3. Remove: contact and any other databases and request the removal of your information using their procedures.

Up Periscope


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk home from work in Nottingham? Or would you like to hear someone talking about loopholes in car parking charges? Or perhaps, more likely, you’d like to view backstage access at music and sporting events. Welcome to the world of Periscope. Twitter’s new App allows users to live stream what they are doing, events they are attending or maybe just their comment on their dinner.

The App has been hugely successful already, and is due to be a huge feature of this season’s Premier League football season, but there are some obvious problems and dangers. Our Ellis Schindler has taken a closer look in this blog.









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