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What better way to celebrate the holiday season and (hopefully) a brighter new year in 2017 for the world – (and also to celebrate the launch of our new website!) than with a Christmas quiz?
Feel free to steal the questions for your own Christmas and new year quizzes. We wish you all a restful break and a happy new year!
The answers are on this page.
What did Susanne Hinte claim she had put through her washing machine in January?
There was a major explosion at which UK power station in February?
Which international company announced it was going to close a steel works in Port Talbot in March, leading to (then) Prime Minister David Cameron cancelling his holiday?
The Natural Environment Research Council opened up a public vote to name its new polar research vessel. What name did the public overwhelmingly vote for?
Who won the Spectator magazine’s competition to write the most offensive poem about Turkey’s President Erdogan?
At France’s Euro 2016 tournament, what was the Thunderclap?
During July Andrea Leadsom caused controversy when she claimed that something gave her an advantage over Theresa May. What was that something?
Team GB picked up 27 golds in total at the Rio Olympics including a gold in the women’s hockey. What nation did they beat in the final to cause a huge upset?
Protests took place in which US city following the shooting of Keith Scott by police?
Anna Georgette Gilford became the talk of households up and down the country and on social media. Why?
There was consternation in the British press that Theresa May was not the first world leader Donald Trump called after his election triumph. Which country’s leader had the privilege of Trump’s first call?
Who won this year’s Turner Prize in December?
The answers can all be found here.

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