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Verification of a Twitter account is designed to establish authenticity on high profile accounts where there is a danger of impersonation. As Twitter put it themselves:

“The verified badge helps users discover high-quality sources of information and trust that a legitimate source is authoring the account’s Tweets”

So, the blue tick next to a user’s name means – this is really him/her/it (or his/her/its authorised representatives).

After a verification error earlier in the year (Twitter provided a blue tick to a fake account in the name of Rupert Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng) the process is now fairly stringent. Twitter will only verify accounts if they can be sure that the requests are coming from trusted sources.

Twitter gives tips on how to show that your account is official if you are not in a position to get the blue tick:

“Linking to your Twitter profile from an official website is the easiest way to confirm the authenticity of your Twitter account. Including Twitter’s follow button on your webpage is the absolute best way to do this. Click here to learn how. Or, visit all help articles about linking to your Twitter account from your blog or website here”.

If, alternatively, you can’t live without the blue tick, contact us on and we will advise on whether verification may be appropriate and, if so, can make the application on your behalf.




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