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Jacob Soar a young Liverpool supporter and his family have secured a prominent apology from football fanzine Red Issue. In the Christmas 2010 edition Red Issue published an image of 13 year old Jacob Soar with player Joe Cole Alongside the image the fanzine made offensive comments directed to both Jacob and Joe Cole. In an apology to be published in the November edition the fanzine accepts the seriousness of the remarks that were made and apologises directly to Jacob Soar and his family for the distress that has been caused. As well as publishing the apology Red Issue agreed to carry an advertisement for the Soar’s favourite charity Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. Details about the charity can be found on their webpage www bluebellwood.org.

Apology from Red Issue:

During the course of last season in the Christmas 2010 issue of Red Issue we published a large photograph on the back cover of 13 year old Jacob Soar with the Liverpool player Joe Cole Comments were attributed to both Jacob and Joe Cole in the picture in what we accept was a highly offensive joke. Jacob has faced a lifelong struggle with a number of conditions including Severe Dystonic Quadriparesis Hydrocephalus Symptomatic Focal Epilepsy and Bilateral Tempral Optic Atrophy. He has a Tracheostromy and a Gastrostomy button and suffers recurrent chest infections. We accept that making a joke of this very serious condition was callous and insensitive. We overstepped the line for which there is no excuse. We are deeply sorry to Jacob and to his family for the distress.


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