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There is a question that most people, particularly so-called “digital natives” (the under 25 age group who have always communicated online), should ask. Is my social media presence ready if I become notorious?

One individual who could answer that a question with a clear “no” is young Charlie Morgan. Morgan is, of course, the 17 year old lad (and son of Swansea City director Martin Morgan) who infamously tangled with Eden Hazard at the Liberty Stadium last night.

The Twitter response to the incident was extraordinary:-

Within 15 minutes of kick off a parody account (@SwanseaBallBoy) had been set up.

Within 20 minutes a journalist had Tweeted Morgan’s Twitter handle to all his followers (“Look Twitter it’s the ballboy …”). Whether this was a responsible thing for an experienced media operator with 5,500 followers to do is questionable.

By the next morning Morgan had more followers (over 85,000) than the official verified Swansea City FC account (over 77,000).

Morgan’s Tweets didn’t make for comfortable reading. A wealthy lad with a tendency to talk about his expensive car, his spending habits and, oh, his plan to waste time as chief ballboy in the up-coming Chelsea game. Predictably (and I was hardly Nostradamus to predict this in a Tweet that night) the media pored over his Tweets, and details of his private life, at great length. Television news journalists and cameramen even hung around outside his home.

Typically the Daily Mail were the worst offenders, publishing no less than 15 photographs lifted directly from Morgan’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Sensibly the Morgans have set up a media shut down and young Charlie will apparently not be giving media comment. It was a silly incident that doesn’t deserve wall-to-wall coverage. Footballers are much maligned but some of the most sensible comments were made by young footballers (yes, on Twitter!) so I’ll leave the last words to them:


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