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An addendum on trolling.

It is pleasing that Rebecca Adlington chose to speak out about trolling. It is curious that it was the Daily Mail who led with the story.

The Mail’s founder Lord Northcliffe was famously said to have promised his readers a “daily hate” and the paper, and particularly its online incarnation, delivers and then some.

The right-hand side bar of the MailOnline is aimed at showing photographs of women, some look beautiful, some look less than perfect, many are the subject of insults and jibes about their physical appearance, their dress sense and their weight – and that is just from the journalists and editors themselves. What appears in the comments under the articles themselves is the worst type of trolling. Yes, MailOnline is the home of the trolls Rebecca Adlington so rightly abhors.

As Rebecca puts it It is awful. Even if there are ten nice comments you get one idiot. I’ve now given up. It upsets me or gets me angry.

Ironically (and unsurprisingly) Rebecca should not read the comments at the bottom of the article which reveals her problem with trolling because, yes, there are plenty of messages of hatred, ridicule and bile.

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