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This summer the firm celebrates five years of existence. In a strange way it feels like 5 minutes but also like 50 years.

The aim, when launching the firm in 2012, was to create a sustainable business and brand that worked closely with the clients that it knows and loves. We stole from the traditions of a trusted adviser who works with a long-standing client on an ongoing basis married with the modern flexibility of a tech savvy and mobile firm (have laptop, will travel).

I would like to thank Gemma and Lucie particularly, who have been with the firm from the beginning and whose enthusiasm and dedication to the cause has gone above and beyond always. Then Jess, who joined us after year one to turn a sole practitioner practice into a growing firm. We have since brought on some outstanding talent in Lorna and Natalie. Not forgetting our talented paralegals Ellis and Sophie.

In sport we are now retained by 3 of the big 6 clubs in the Premier League and have acted for either the club or a player at all of the big 6. We have acted for both the governing bodies and player unions in cricket and rugby union (retained by the player unions on a monthly basis) and we can (but won’t!) list a client stable of individuals that could win World Cups, Ashes Series or Lions Tours.

In business our clients now number high street banks, PLCs, some of the best known investment banks and their directors and some of the biggest tech companies in the world; as well as much smaller businesses, start ups, local companies and, generally, people and firms we enjoy working with.

We’re ranked by the legal directory Chambers and Partners in the legal fields we work in and we believe (and our clients tell us) that we offer a service and expertise that is more than a match for well-known and well-established London practices.

This short note is a little (well, a lot) self-congratulatory but we are extremely proud of our first 5 years. I am often asked when is the right time to launch your own business. It’s difficult to advise because all circumstances are unique to your own situation. My view is, if you know you have a product that clients want and/or need and you know you have a group of potential clients who like you and believe in you then that is the time.


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