snapchat: ephemeral or eternal?Posted on

The ghostly guise of Snapchat, as the ephemeral app, where photos magically disappear within a maximum of ten seconds, is somewhat ironic. Why? The very simple answer is: photos and videos posted onto Snapchat, are… Read more

Apple invoice scamPosted on

This week a client sent over this screenshot of an email which caused her concern. The email, apparently from Apple (she has an Apple account), advised that she had spent £26.07 downloading games using an… Read more

Memes can come true … but not oftenPosted on

  The internet is giving us information quicker and easier than ever but how much can we rely on what we see? Ellis Schindler has some fun looking at some of the memes that fill… Read more

All change for the Beeb?Posted on

The UK government has sparked debate by announcing[1] that the current regulatory body for the BBC, the BBC Trust, is to be scrapped with sole regulation being handed over to Ofcom. Historically, the BBC has… Read more

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